6 Reasons You Should Not Root Your Android Device

Android Rooting

6 Reasons You Should Not Root Your Android Device
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Android rooting is a way to expand all the extra features which you can't do or explore while your device is not root.

The Android user who are expert in manipulating every setting of an Android device they love the feature of Android flexibility and steps toward it can be root. But not all the users are satisfied or convinced with rooting the Android devices.

In fact they feel too much satisfied with the Android experience. But if you are a quick learner of Android settings and thinking about to root your Android device. Wait, there is few things which you should know before taking this step.

So in this article we have discussed about the reasons you should not root your Android device.

Reasons You Should Not Root Your Android Device 2020:

1. Lost Warranty:

The most important first thing you should know before taking this step of rooting your Android device is you will loose your smartphone warranty. While some smartphone companies like Google, OnePlus, Poco, Xiaomi, and many others let you allow to unlock a device's bootloader and then you can easily root your device with their official methods provided by them.

But on the other hand some smartphones like Huawei, Asus, Realme and many other smartphone companies loose your warranty if you root your device.

So if your device is new and your are thinking about to root your Android device then I will highly recommend you not to root the phone. Also note that an important aspect that rooting is illegal in some countries.

2. Fear of Bricking Your Device:

It will also be a fear of bricking your device which exactly mean is the smartphone will be no longer useful it lags during the process. It typically occurs due to the software issue and your device started lagging or you will get problem while booting.

And this will be very concerning that you have spend money on your device and you did nothing. After coming of Android 8.0 version the problem is being complicated and it gets chance of bricking and also in the higher versions. You will find lots of tips and tricks abut how to unbrick the device over the internet but it is not guaranteed about it.

3. Hassle Process:

There is no simplified or universal way to root any Android device which users gets stuck and face issues. You will find apps that claim to do it but it will not work also. The rooting instructions are different for every devices so if you are doing this you have to be careful and aware of that device.

Most of companies provide rooting by their own step so you can do from their manuals but lots of are not allowing it. And you have to be depend upon the internet community or developer forums.  And the process is too tough to do that like connecting to the pc, transferring files, flashing task etc.

4. Security Risk:

Suppose you are rooting any device and unfortunately you unlock a new world of breach, and it will brings lots of security risks. Rooting can damage your smartphone with malicious app that can affect you and your private data. I can allow the hacker to do operation on your android device and they can hack your bank accounts also. 

Also rooting breaks the Google SafetyNet by which you can manually manage you Google Play services but it is harmful for the device.  It allows to the payment apps, Google Pay, streaming apps, Netflix to operate safely but after rooting it an be harmful.

5. Update Issue:

Once you root your android device you will be far away from official updates of the companies and also you will not get any update of security patch or new version. So if you want to update your device as per company instructions you should not go for the rooting.

However you can also do the things like you can go for the system root methods, where it will backup your data and if want the official update you can just come back from root and get the official update and then you can again go for rooting.

6. Performance Issue and Bugs:

While rooting the device it can give you some more options to improve performance with various modes, but it also comes with bugs. These type of bugs can harm your device or can take some time to fix it because it operated by an independent developers. And also keep in mind that after rooting your device it will never work or perform as it was before rooting.


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