Billions Will be Spent on Video Conferencing in 2020

Future of Video Conferencing:

Billions Will be Spent on Video Conferencing in 2020
Billions Will be Spent on Video Conferencing in 2020

Due to the corona virus pandemic the whole world is on back foot as their economy and work from home strategy is going viral day by day. Companies are now started investing Billions on Video Conferencing in 2020. They are adopting the video conferencing software in bulk. 

And spending in cloud web based apps will grow more to 24.3% in 2020. The user base of the video conferencing will grow and expand the whole year and the researcher advisory firms believes that it will grow on top by year 2021. And the work from home and remotely access video conferencing will be a common thing for users.

The End-user, spending too much on the video conferencing which is projected to $4.1 Bn in 2020. Which was $3.3 Bn last year. The video conferencing market is going to be the second fastest growing category in the communication market because as of now everyone is on work from home.

And by spending in this growing market day by day in to the web based cloud apps also it is going to reach upto $16.8 bn this year. 

By 2024, Gartner predicts that the scenario is going to be changed as in the people enterprise meetings there will be only 25% people which was 60% before this pandemic.

Misuse of Corporate Account:

According to a survey over 5000 remotely working people found that 33% of people uses zoom account to interact with their family, friends, socialize during work from home. While almost every organizations using video conferencing services for their remotely works.

The matter became worse when 30% of employees from the survey admits it that their online accounts were compromised during the use and 10% worker of them even could not change their passwords too.

In the terms of cyber security, working from home gave more challenges in security flaws. As a wall between common man and corporate world it is not fair enough to adopt any technology for the corporate world over video conferencing.

So the next future can be a conferencing future for this companies are spending billion on video conferencing in 2020 to secure and improve their productivity.


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