5 Best Free VPNs Windows PC You Can Use

VPN( Virtual Private Network):

Today, in this internet world everyone is connected with website and application, whether it is social media for daily life to do something interesting or to compile their work, every person is connected to every application or application Has happened.

5 Best Free VPNs Windows PC You Can Use
5 Best Free VPNs Windows PC You Can Use 

And while using the application from the website while running the Internet, you have often noticed that sometimes some website applications do not run through the normal Internet or there are blocked through many WiFi connections  .

So to use such application websites website, we use VPN and today in this article we will tell you about the top and best VPN.

1>> ProtonVPN:

This ProtonVPN is considered very good and useful if you talk about security, then you get the support of 256 bit encryption. And these people do not offer any logging policy for their free or paid users.

I am using this ProtonVPN for sometime and this is working very nice and perfectly and if I talked about the security measures they are also very good in this criteria. I have not seen any speed related issue to this within the free trial, however you will get less server in it.

5 Best Free VPNs Windows PC You Can Use
5 Best Free VPNs Windows PC You Can Use 

In the free trail you get servers of America, Netherlands and Japan countries, you will also have to take a paid plan to use servers of other countries. And also this VPN supports Kill-Switch and DNS Leak Prevention.

It is available for all the OS like Windows, Mac, Android, Linux

Visit Site       Download App (Free, Paid plans starts at $4/month)

2>> Betternet:

I recommend this Betternet VPN on the next number of best free VPN list. Like ProtonVPN, Without providing your identity, it provides unlimited data without compromising security. To use their free services you need to register yourself first to their site.

You can use this VPN for hiding location, using blocked websites to normal networks, using torrents, and it doesn't allow their users to choose the servers manually instead of they select the optimal and best servers for the users.

5 Best Free VPNs Windows PC You Can Use
5 Best Free VPNs Windows PC You Can Use 

You will get prompt for paid services but just ignore it and use the free services, you can also get it in Android as well as in chrome extension.

Visit Site     Download App   Chrome Extension (Free, Paid at $2.99)

3>> Windscribe:

Windscribe is also a free VPN for chrome book. Like ProtonVPN it provides good services to its free and paid users. Windscribe covers 10GB data per month. And good thing is that free user get servers of 10 countries.

If any user want to use the Windscribe VPN they have to register with them. And after registration user gets high speed servers to use the Windscribe.
Windscribe doesn't log traffic data in any situation for both free and premium users.

5 Best Free VPNs Windows PC You Can Use
5 Best Free VPNs Windows PC You Can Use 

Windscribe also prevents your tracking over internet like ProtonVPN. If you want to choose your own VPN protocal windscribe also allows t do this. Windcribe is available in Android and also in chrome extension.

Android / Chrome Extension (Free, Paid at $9 per month)

4>> Hotspot Shield:

Hotspot Shield is also a free VPN which provides unlimited data access to its user without any distraction of speed. Hotspot Shield also provides the same level of security and privacy to both free and premium users.

Hotspot Shield never store or track any kind of information of their users at any how. You can easily unlock content, trackers blocking and hiding your online identity. But if you are free service user then you will get only the United States servers.

5 Best Free VPNs Windows PC You Can Use
5 Best Free VPNs Windows PC You Can Use 

If you want to access the server of whole world then you have purchase their paid plan. If you don't purchase the paid plan you will get only one server and you will also get a chrome extension for browser only.

Android Chrome Extension (Free, Paid at $5.83 per month)

5>> TunnelBear:

If you want a VPN which is absolutely free and secure also then TunnelBear is best option for you. It is also provide premium services but the apps also give 500MB data.

If we talk about the security and privacy of TunnelBear then it is best in security and privacy for both free and paid users. In android apps TunnelBear provides AES-256 bit security encryption which best security measure for this VPN.

5 Best Free VPNs Windows PC You Can Use
5 Best Free VPNs Windows PC You Can Use 

In the free plan of TunnelBear VPN you can easily access to the restricted content at same speed which is available for paid users also. This VPN also works on sharing opportunity as if you have accessed all 500MB data then you can share it on social media and it will give you 500MB more.

Android Chrome Extension (Free, Paid at $3.33 per month)


In the above article we have discussed about best and free VPN providers for you. In this selection we have took security and privacy as our primary aspects.
I hope you all will get a best VPN to use for your Chrome Extension, Android app and so on.
Thanks for your valuable time.

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