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Fake news and wrong information on social sites are breaking the trust to society and also democracy all over the world. And the social messaging apps like WhatsApp are also realizing that how their platform are slowly using to spread the misinformation and fake news in internet community.

And now we have to be assured about these types of fake news and misinformation spreading on internet, which is a bad this for the society.
In this situation everyone should aware about the facts of these type fake news.
In this article, we told you 10 Best Fact Checking websites to insure and check fact of the information sources.

In this era of social networking, maximum people are using social media websites to share their day, stories and also to see information. That what's going on in the internet world.

And billions of peoples are using social sites like facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube, and many more, where billions of people are using these social sites.

Best Fact Checking Websites in 2020 on the Internet:

1>> Snopes:

Over the years when there is nothing available to check the fact and rumors. In 1994 a website came named Snopes, which started as go-to place for the fact checking and rumors. In now a days it becomes on of the oldest websites in the world to check facts and misinformation.

The founder Mr. David Mikkelson and his wife who joined later, were publishing online when more people were over internet.  And in now these days it has become the most searched website for fact checking.

5 Best Fact Checking Website over Internet
5 Best Fact Checking Website over Internet

Even the journalist and news channels also check this website for fact checking.
This website nicely handle the the fake news and misinformation to represent to the people for fact checking.

2>> Poltifact:

As we have seen about Snopes where it checks all type of facts like history, science, technology, politics etc. But here Poltifact is specialist in politics news fact checking. Infact in the US Poltifact is the number one politics fact  checking website. And for this work, this website was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting in 2008.

5 Best Fact Checking Website over Internet
5 Best Fact Checking Website over Internet

During the election of President in USA 2008, this website check 750 stories about the misdirected politics and misinformation to the citizen. And show them the fact and the reality behind it. It's operated bye the prestigious Pointer Institute (Founder of International Fact Checking Network).

From facebook post speeches to all type of misinformation Poltifact always show the real fact behind it with great detailed analysis and source of the face.

Check Here

Recent Articles:

The Fact Check website is very popular in checking the highest facts on the Internet. Due to this work, this website has received many awards. Same as the Poltifact, This website also checks the political facts and gives its exact results and also explains what is wrong with it and how it is being spread very much.

This website is the first to expose the facts which are spread very much in front of the public.And it is always its endeavor to provide a factual result in front of the public so that people do not keep wrong information with them, it handles not only in politics but also many more situations.

5 Best Fact Checking Website over Internet
5 Best Fact Checking Website over Internet

This website is operated by Annenberg Public Policy Center The University of PennsylvaniaAnd this time this website is checking about Corona Virus Covid-19 and also tell you that FactCheck.org is considered a very good website to check any fact on the Internet.

4>> ProPublica:

ProPublica is an online news agency that operates independently. This is not just a fact checking website but it is a portal in which you can do a thorough investigation of the facts and check things in a lot of detail related to them. And due to the good work of this website, it has also received a lot of awards, some of which are National Awards like Pulitzer Prizes for public service, National reporting etc.

If we talk about coverage field, then the website does fact checking of news, health care, politics, crimes and many more. This website receives funds from many big institutions like Knight Foundation, MacAurthur Foundation, Ford Foundation.

5 Best Fact Checking Website over Internet
5 Best Fact Checking Website over Internet

Because the website focuses on a lot of local news, due to this, this website has become a very large website of the local news network.

This website is also a very good fact checking website that keeps its check on political facts especially and examines political goals deeply. There is no doubt what is the use of money and where is the money coming from. Have been.

This website checks how much money is being received from which politician or from which organization is donating money to which political party and how much. And talk about it, this website was started by CSR(Center for Responsive Politics) in 1983.

5 Best Fact Checking Website over Internet
5 Best Fact Checking Website over Internet

World's Biggest Media Houses like New York Times, CNN, take this website for checking their facts.

Fight Fake News with best Fact Checking Website on the Internet:

So these are some mostly used fact checking website of the internet community which checks the fact of the misinformative or more spreading fakes news.

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