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What is online learning?

We can understand online early in easy language in such a way that suppose you rate many things on the Internet. By the way, friends, there are many ways to earn online and there are many ways in those ways which are very easy, in that we do not have to work very hard but there are some ways in which a lot of hard work is required but Yes, his rate is also very good.

How online learning?

Let us know about some similar methods which are given below.
  • Website Earning through Ads
  • YouTube Channel Earning
  • Blogging Earning
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • And many more Android Apps
In the list above you saw that there are some ways in which you can earn online, but today we will talk about a way that is more related to Google.

Online learning via Google?

Now we will talk about those methods of online earning in which Google is directly a partner, yes friends do the first thing of YouTube, although Google is the only product in which you can make videos and put them in it and YouTube advertises in it. Part of which he keeps himself and gives the rest to you.

Likewise, Google Blogger is also a way to earn online, on which you can write the best blogs and on that Google shows ads on it through your Adsense account and from that you earn more money.

Online learning via Google Apps?

So today we will talk about how we can earn online through Google's Android application, Friends, for this first you have to download an application called Google Rewards from Play Store, which will be given below in the link and you click on that download button After downloading it, after that we see what the further process is.

Download the app

Earn Online Money from Google

Just like you see in the photo, you will find it in the Play Store and open it after downloading it.

How to earn via Google Rewards?

So friends, as you are seeing that this application is called Reward and it means that the reward is to do something in it that will give you the reward and you can transfer that name to Google account in your account, basically it Application is the application of survey which is done by Google, in this you get the survey and you answer all of them, in return, Google gives you money and those money Son has to pour you go to Google to transfer your Google can use to buy the product can be transferred to your account to account requests.

Earn Online Money from Google

After downloading the application, after opening it, you will see a similar interface in which you will show your balance zero and will show you that it is currently available in no servey.

As soon as you open this application, you will have to give some details like your address and your date of birth, your mobile number and some other things that Google will ask you, after that it will get a small serveys from you, it will do some questions in which you will not get money.

After that, you will start surveying continuously and you will have to answer them and along with answering, you will continue to get money to answer them all.

To make you more easy to understand, we are also providing a link to your YouTube video below, by visiting which you can easily watch the video and do not understand other things.

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