8 Cool Hidden Instagram Tricks and Settings you should use 2020

Hidden Instagram Tricks:

Hello readers, here we are going to discus about the Cool Hidden Instagram Tricks that will enhance your Instagram user experience. And also you will learn new Cool Hidden Instagram Tricks. So to know these types of Cool Hidden Instagram Tricks, first you should have an Instagram account logged in any mobile device like Android or iOS or on the web.

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Instagram, which has become the best photo sharing website of this world as soon as it is launched, which is very much liked by the users. And this is happening because Instagram is adding day by day new features Which has complicated the service over the years. And this is happening because Instagram has a lot of hidden features which many users do not know. So we want our readers to know these Cool Hidden Instagram Tricks. Let's talk about it.

 1>> To Disable Activity Status for Direct Message(DM):

Some time before, Instagram added a new feature called  Activity Status Feature, which allows users to see that when you are last online in your direct message (DM). This feature is little bit similar to WhatsApp last seen feature where user can see the last online.

However, if you do not like to show your online status to everyone you can follow these steps to disable it.  Go to Profile >> Settings >> Privacy >> Activity Status and here you can disable it  easily. Now just like WhatsApp feature if you disable this feature you will also not able to see others last seen.

 2>> To add Unique fonts in your Instagram Bio:

Maintaining your Instagram bio will always help you in gaining a stable audience to your profile. Here you can use links, emojis, your website or anything, but you can also add here unique fonts by which your profile will look like amazing. 

Here is the way to use unique fonts to your bio.

a>> Open your mobile web browser and go to the website LingoJam.

b>> As the site will open , you will see a text box where you can type words and copy paste it into your bio easily.

3>> To Hide stories from users:

Instagram launches an unique feature by which you can hide your stories from those followers whom you don't want show your story. You can do it easily by opening their profile click on the three dots and select "Hide your story". 

4>> To Share Links on Instagram Story:

Instagram also allows their user to share link of any product or any website in your stories section. But this feature is available when your account is verified by Instagram.
If you are one of the verified user then you can easily click the link button to update the url.

5>> To use Rainbow text in Instagram Story:

In the last few years, Instagram has launched many useful and attractive features for the users, and writing a Rainbow text on Instagram Stories is one of them.

Here let's see how can we use this feature.

a>> First start the stories picture and write the text which you want to show people.

b>> Now in your story select that text you have written.
c>> Once you select the text, now from one finger touch any of the color until the pop up came up.

d>> Now from one finger hold the text select and at the same time move the color pop up to the opposite side hence you will find the text in Rainbow color.

6>> To Get Email, Direct Call and Analytics Button:

Instagram also have an extra feature where user can get to their profile as Email button, Direct Call button and also profile insite Analytics, and All these features is available in Instagram Business. To activate this feature you have to go to Profile>> Settings>> Switch to Profession Account>> Business

7>> To Enable notification of Post for Specific User:

This feature is also a grand type feature where if you want to see notification of an user when he/she post then you have to go to that user Profile and click on the three dot button and in the end Click on the Post Notification on.

8>> To Use the Restrict Feature for an User:

This feature is really cool on the above feature it works like some how to block anyone. But Instagram reveal this feature to restrict any user profile that is annoying or hrashing you but by blocking him/her can do the wrong impact so the user can use the restrict feature by which the restricted user will not be able to disturb you again. 
To enable this feature go to the user profile whom you want to restrict and click the three dot here you will find the restrict option and to Unrestrict you can easily find the word on that user profile.

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